The majority of registration losses is caused by local network issues. To address the issue please first check the internet connection and firewall settings. 

In case the issue persists a trace is needed to determine the cause. Some devices (like Yealink) offer the opportunity to start a trace from the device itself. You can run this feature (insert link) and send us the trace outcome. If the device does not support this feature please open a ticket requesting a trace. We will provide you with instructions on the actions required to perform a trace on our side.

In case only one device has registration issues while other devices don't, we advise to first perform the following actions to exclude potential device related malfunctions:

  • Connected the device to the internet cable of another phone which doesn't loses the registration. If the registration issues is solved, please check the physical connection of the phone, check whether the phone is connected via a different switch etc.
  • Add the account credentials of the device in another device.