Since Vamos SIMs are connected to the PBX the nature of the issue can be caused by settings on the PBX next to Mobile device settings and Mobile network issues. Please check the mentioned items to resolve the issue:

Mobile network / Registration

- It doesn't happen often anymore, but in some places there is still no (or bad) network, maintenance to the Network or Network service interruption. Please check the Network coverage for the actual coverage in your area.

- Is the SIM card locked?

- Is flight mode turned on?

- Does the problem occur both indoors as outdoors, or only indoors?


- Is the mobile device setup correctly on the PBX?

- Are the call scenarios set correctly? In the PBX you determine when you can and cannot be reached on your number(s).

- Are calls restricted by whitelist/blacklist settings?

Mobile device

There are a variety of settings on the mobile device which can cause inbound and/or outbound restrictions. 


- Is DND active?

- Is night modus active?

- Is Call Forwarding active?

- Are numbers blacklisted? 


- Is number recognition disabled? 

In case a user wants to make an anonymous outbound call he should use the Vamos App. Switching off number recognition on the mobile device itself will block the possibility to initiate outbound calls. 

Corrupted registration

In some rare cases the registration of the Mobile device is corrupted. On the device itself the indicator for registration with the Mobile network is shown, however, the registration is no longer valid. The issue will be resolved by forcing a new registration.

A new registration can be best forced with the following steps:
- Go to Mobile networks > Network Selection
- Turn off ‘Automatic selection’. A list of available networks will be loaded.
- Select another Network (other then T-Mobile)
- Save the setting.
Go back to the Network Selection and turn the ‘Automatic selection’ on again, a new registration will be forced. Alternatively try to completely reboot the mobile device, this however is less certain due to caching!

Hardware issues

Either the Mobile device or the SIM card has defects. To rule out hardware issues, place the Vamos SIM in another mobile device.

In case the issue remains file a problem report.